Manufactured Home Buying Process

Beyond just building your house, American West Homes is committed to making your manufactured home buying experience as easy and stress free as possible. The following steps outline the home buying process for manufactured and modular homes.

Select a Home Design Plan

If you’re interested in purchasing a modular or manufactured home, you might be asking yourself how to get started. The first step is to choose a home plan. You can browse our gallery of manufactured home models to view floor plans available in our area. Contact us if you have any questions about how to select the home plan that’s right for your family.

Choose Your Home Features

When you have selected a home plan, it’s time to choose from a multitude of options and features for your new home, such as flooring, cabinets, fixtures, carpet, and fireplaces to name a few. We can help explain the differences between all the standard and optional features for your new modular or manufactured home, and guide you through the selection process. Once you have decided on your feature selections, we will be able to prepare a quote for you that includes shipping, site prep, foundation, set up, and any site work needed to complete your project.

Obtain Financing and Order Your Home

The next step before getting your project underway will be securing financing. Many local and national banks have experience with new home loans, and they will be able to explain the different types of loans available to you. Once your financing is in place, we will review your final order and proceed with the ordering of your home. American West Homes, Inc. works with many different lenders, including 21st Mortgage Corporation, to help our clients obtain financing. Contact us for more info about assistance with financing.

Building and Installing Your New Modular or Manufactured Home

When your home is ordered, our manufactured home dealer will schedule it for production. Building the modules for most homes is usually complete within 60 days of the order date. The modules are then shipped to your home site for installation. While our dealer is building the modules for your home, we will be working with you to obtain the necessary building permits, preparing your lot for building, installing the foundation, and planning for utility hookups and other necessary site work. Local building officials will inspect the project on site at various stages and issue a certificate of occupancy when everything is completed. Once approved for occupancy, you’re off to closing with your lender and on to moving in and enjoying your new home!